Site Specific Design’s ability to quickly ship products to their Washington Township, Blakeslee and Patchoque, NY offices, has just gotten a major boost.

The Abington, Pa based company has recently moved into their new larger warehouse/office headquarters, formally the Vots/Reading truck manufacturing facility, located at 1704 Rockwell Road in Abington, PA.

The Engineering Manufacturer Rep firm which sells grinder pumps, and treatment equipment to the wastewater industry headed by Kevin Callahan, is currently finalizing the opening of their new corporate headquarters. Site’s new warehouse and pump repair facility, which now spans nearly 25,000 square feet, is located 3 miles from the Willow Grove exit of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, not far from the Willow Grove Mall.
The move represents the culmination of much effort and time put forth by each member of the Site Specific Team and comes after their announcement to expand operations to North Jersey, Long Island, and the five boroughs of New York.

Site Specific pride is at a peak. “It has taken us a while to complete this move, after Reading Truck left in 2014, and the facility was left abandon. Both the office and warehouse areas had to be refitted for our use. The hours and hours of work have paid off for our most important priority – our customers. Those who we serve are already seeing the benefits of the newly expanded repair facility, increasing the inventory of pumps and equipment,” added Kevin Callahan, owner.