Amphidrome Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Site Specific Design proudly sells, installs and services Amphidrome products.  The Amphidrome® system is an affordable, energy efficient, and customized onsite wastewater treatment solution designed to fit your site constraint and regulatory requirements.  It can be customized to provide an effluent low in ammonia, total nitrogen (TN), phosphorus and/or a re-use quality effluent for irrigation and/or toilet flushing.

Utilizing Biologically Active Filter (BAF) high biomass technology, the system provides simultaneous removal of BOD, ammonia, suspended solids and nitrate-nitrogen in an extremely small footprint.

Amphidrome® Systems provide the highest level of treatment attainable with the lowest site impact.

Benefits to Homeowners, Contractors and Developers

  • Superior treatment
  • High levels of nitrogen removal
  • Re-use quality effluent- Turbidity & TOC
  • Low visual site impact
  • Small footprint
  • High energy-efficiency