Pressurized sewer systems powered by E/one grinder pumps

Site Specific Design proudly sells, installs and services E/One grinder pumps and sewer systems within Pennsylvania and New Jersey.   These modern systems are highly reliable central sewering systems that allow developers and prospective homebuilders use virtually any plot of land, regardless of terrain or elevation changes. Sewer systems using E/one grinder pumps are much more affordable than conventional gravity sewers, which require major excavation, and much safer for communities than septic systems, which can eventually fail, polluting ground and recreational water and endangering public health.

E/One Sewer™ Systems give you the freedom to sewer anywhere –
at a fraction of the cost of gravity sewers.

Benefits to Homeowners, Contractors and Developers

  • Permits freedom to sewer anywhere in any kind of terrain
  • Safe – protects water quality and enhances quality of life
  • Cost-effective central sewering solution for new construction or retrofits
  • Proven engineering and design
  • Virtually no preventative maintenance required of homeowner
  • Installation follows contour of land, requiring minimal excavation
  • Camouflaged design – only evidence is a low-profile cover