Site Specific Design’s Engineering Services

Our sewer system design services group will assist you with the application of your Low Pressure Sewers System and custom designed pump stations for your next project. Site Specific Design Inc. works to provide our customer with the ideal equipment for the application. The process all begins with our highly trained applications specialists, ready to assist you with your job – no matter the size or scope. Whether you are looking to design a small package pump station for a single house or a complete low pressure sewer system serving an entire community, we’ve got you covered with a complete design analysis.
“I contacted Kevin, who was the BEST, and he provided me with Hydraulic Analysis for my preliminary development, which included pipe sizing, flow and velocity calculation and cost estimate. This was done inside of 3 days which allowed me to present it to the board in time for their meeting. The low pressure sewer approach will make my project feasible. I was so impressed by his knowledge of the system.”
Ryan Casey, Cherry Hill, NJ

Want to design your own sewer system?

E/One Design offers a free hydraulic design analysis software tool for download from their website. This is an invaluable tool for designers of Low Pressure Sewer Systems that is based on a proven method of design that has been used for nearly 50 years.

Download the Design Assistant
E/One offers free software for hydraulic analysis of sewer system layouts that will use E/One grinder pumps. Press the button below to be redirected to the E/One website where you can access this software after the completion of a form.